Photo Gallery - Food

Food served on board

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Edible palm tree decorated lunchCan there ever be too much chocolate?Grilled catch of the dayIts not just sandwiches
Lunch on boardA snack while cruisingChocolate - YUM!Lobster for dinner mid-week
Entree at Devils Table RestaurantHealthy and FreshHoneydew and KiwiPasta and Prawns
Chicken SaladSpinach and CucumbersWrapped fish and roasted baby potatoesBannana, chocolate and peanut butter dessert rolls
Stuffed TomatoEggs FlorentineFresh Tuna CarpaccioVegetarian Bean and Potato Salad
Vegetarian Black Bean SoupMeatballs and couscousVegetarian Stuffed EggplantBlack Forest Cake
Breakfast fruit trayVegetarian Dinner SaladProsuto and melonChicken Francaise
Key Lime PieEggs and Canadian BaconNachos GrandeAnother Breakfast Fruit Plate
Breakfast tableCaptain Andy\'s Absolutely Perfect Toast