Sail and Dive in Tobago Part 4/7

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Charlotteville is a one road fishing village and the travelers encounter some strange and wonderful sights, ending with a return to the dinghy after dark. A glorious purple sunset viewed from the mountain's edge. A morning dive with Flamingo Tongues and a Fingerprint cyphoma, Red Band Parrotfish, intermediate Spotted Drum, Eagle Ray, purple eggs abandoned by a Sgt Major fish, juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish, Spiny Lobster, and a Spotted Moray Eel that would not come out of his hole. A night at the local football game followed by dinner ashore at Sharon's. On the Jade for more cocktails, conversation and dancing. The discussion was much about nothing and who will go with the ship around Cape Fear and who will take the taxi ashore for more scuba diving. Discussing the game of Cheat played aboard during the rainstorm and enjoying the lights of the village and the moon above.

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