Dive Site - Stratmann Tug Wreck - Bequia

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One of the many great dive sites that SailDives.com in Bequia always visit. This SCUBA dive is on the Stratmann tug wreck in Port Elizabeth in Bequia, in the island country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is a wonderful dive with loads of fish and massive octocorals. The Yellowhead Jawfish are approached first, and in the background are Brown Garden Eels. On this wreck are schools of Smallmouth Grunts, Brown Chromis, Black Bar Soldierfish, Sailor's Choice, Red Band Parrotfish, Reef Butterflyfish and many others. Leaving the wreck is a free swimming porcupinefish and a reef shark. The dive ends at the edge of Devil's Table and a Spotted Moray.