Mt Irving Extension - Tobago

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Mt Irving Extension - Tobago, SailDives in Tobago. This dive covers a portion of several dives sites referred to as Mt. Irving. The extension features long fingers of coral mazes with uncounable numbers of holes, ledges and hiding spaces. Well suited for divers of any skill level, this dive site gives divers a chance to see many different speciaes of hamlets that live on the extension as well as a large variety of other reef fish that Tobago is famous for. This video includes lizardfish, porcupinefish, Orange Spotted Filefish with mating display, French and Queen Angelfish, Bandtail Puffer, Highhat and a very nice free swimming Trumpetfish. Specialized Scuba offers all inclusive, crewed catamaran sail and dive trips to 4 locations in the Caribbean: Belize, Bequia, Tortola and Tobago.