Charlotteville Bay - Tobago

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Charlottesville Bay - Tobago, SailDives in Tobago. This dive site is rarely dived, and often has lower viz than the 60 - 100+ one comes to expect in Tobago, but it ha many juvenile species and its relatively hollows depth allows an extended dive time, in this case, over an hour and a half. Shown are Flamingo Tongue, French Angelfish, Spotted Drumfish, Yellowhead Wrasse juvenile and intermediate, Fingerprint Cyphoma, Juvenile Blue Tang (yellow), juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish (blue spots), Red band Parrotfish and others. Well suited for divers of any skill level. Specialized Scuba offers all inclusive, crewed catamaran sail and dive trips to 4 locations in the Caribbean: Belize, Bequia, Tortola and Tobago.