Japanese Gardens - Tobago

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Japanese Garden - Tobago, SailDives in Tobago. This dive site in the Speyside section of Tobago is well known and is usually dived at the profile shown. This video shows Queen Angfish, Smallmouth Grunts, Honeycomb Cowfish, Cottonwicks, Groupers, Hawksbill Turtle, Black Margate, Porcupinefish, a pair of Whitespotted Filefish in both whitespotted and orange phases. The pair is observed for some time and several color changes are apparent. Also servel morays were filmed, including both Spotted and Reticulate Morays. An octopus inside a crevice is filmed, as are Banded Coral Shrimp, Brown Chromis, French Angelfish, Smallmouth and French Grunts, Barred and Yellowtail Hamlets and Harliquin Bass. The typical profile dove is a deep dive, but other profiles can be taken to be well suited for divers of any skill level. Specialized Scuba offers all inclusive, crewed catamaran sail and dive trips to 4 locations in the Caribbean: Belize, Bequia, Tortola and Tobago.