The Sisters Inside - Tobago

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A rondevous dive on the inside of Sisters Rocks, Tobago. The starts off with a large nurse shark, yes their skin is very rough feeling. Enormous amounts of plankton and massive schools of fish swirling around, below and above the divers.Divers pass through immense schools of Blue and Brown Chormis as well as Black Durgeon, Golden and Spotted Moray Eels, French Angelfish and many others. A gruper is welcomed at a cleaning station but Corey's nails were appealing on this day. A ballonfish demonstrates its puffer defense system. When there are plankton the stars appear, Manta Rays doing their graceful dance. A large 12 foot Manta appears to dwarf dive leader Andre Fraiser as it abruptly turns and rises to the surface. A spectacular dive, with mantas sighted both times this trip, and one not to be missed when visiting Tobago.