Mt Irving Wall - Tobago (Batfish)

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Having had great luck spotting a Frogfish, we decided to dive Mt Irving Wall again. The viz was better, but alas, we did not find that frogfish. However, as luck would have it, Guy spotted 2 Batfish on the sandy bottom near the edge of the rocky wall. This video show the Batfish not only in their normal still position, but also crawling and for about 50 seconds, swimming back and forth across the sandy bottom. i have heard people complain about this site, its not too deep, lots of surge and often the viz is not great, but we always seem to find something great, in this last SailDives trip a Frogfish one day and 2 Batfish the next. Seems like a great site to me. provides a combination of sailing and diving together in perfect harmony for an intimate vacation experience on luxury catamaran yachts in Belize, Bequia, Tobago and Tortola.