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Luxury sized cabins Compare Prices

We are proud to deliver top quality charters at the best value on the market. Before you book with any competitor, let us give you a written quote. The savings alone may cover the cost of airfare and most other expenses.

Very few charter companies permit booking only single cabins and there are no crewed sailing catamarans that we have found, that allow single cabin bookings, with 10 guided SCUBA dives and 4 person crew.

We have provided some links to help you compare prices. This is not a representation of quality nor a negative inference. These are simply some links to competitors' websites.

Cabin Prices
Freya Charters: 7 days all inclusive (excluding diving) 52' ketch: $3,150 per person (double occupancy) - Our prices start at $1,876 per person on 50'+ catamarans and our prices include 10 guided SCUBA dives plus our 2 person dive crew.

Whole Boat Christmas Week
The Moorings: 7 days all inclusive (excluding diving) 57' catamaran for 10 person Christmas week BVI $50,630 compared to our price for Christmas week (23 DEC 2017) on a 59' is thousands of dollars less at only $29,987

Horizon Charters: 7 days all inclusive (excluding diving) 67' Fountaine Pajot catamaran for 10 person Christmas week BVI $47,025 compared to our price for Christmas week (23 DEC 2017) on a 59' Fountaine Pajot is thousands of dollars less at only $29,987

Whole Boats
Virgin Island Sailing: 7 days on Devine, a Fountaine Pajot for 10, all inclusive for $26,500. Our price for 10 people on the same size and make yacht is only $15,286. Please note that we are comparing the same Fountaine Pajot Saba 50, however our yachts have an additional 2' diving platform at the end of each sugar scoop and are therefore listed as a 52' since that is the length for docking, fees, etc.

Contact Us with your date ranges, location and group size and we will provide you with a free written quotation.

SailDives SCUBA Itinerary

To book a cabin on any SailDives itinerary which includes 10 free SCUBA dives and an additional 2 person dive crew, click the ADD to CART button on the locations page. Listings are chronological by location where there are remaining cabins available. Click the "Add to Cart" to make a deposit. We will confirm by email, and send you a PayPal invoice for the balance. Do not book travel until we confirm receipt of the full balance of the PayPal invoice.

Whole Yacht Bookings

If you would like to book an entire yacht for your family, group or business we can help you decide the location that is right for you and save you at least $4,000 off the market price. We can make bookings of 7 or 14 days using the "Mixed Interest itinerary", a "SailDives SCUBA itinerary" with 10 dives per week, or a custom "Lifestyle Itinerary" that we design with you for any whole boat charter lasting 2 weeks.

Deposit and Payment

Payment of the balance shown on the invoice must be made within 60 days. Trips within 120 days of departure must be paid in full to confirm booking.

If paying by the Payment schedule you understand that if your payment is not made within schedule deadlines, then all deposits/payments are automatically forfeited and cabin will be released for re-sale.

Terms and Rules

1 - DEPOSITS AND CANCELLATION - This is a special itinerary private charter. When we initially book your cabin, there is a 72 hour period for you to make your initial deposit and before we "Confirm" your booking. During this period you may cancel without penalty simply by not making the deposit and your booking will expire. Once you have committed by making the deposit we will automatically attempt to "Confirm" your booking subject to the then current availability.

A). Full Refund if Canceled By Us - In the event that the trip is completely canceled by us, the captain or base due to weather or other conditions you will be given a complete refund or credit for a different trip based on prices when you paid. We have never canceled a trip since we started this business in 2009. However, we are not liable for any incidental or consequential damages you may incur if this trip is canceled.

B). Trip Insurance - You should obtain travel insurance if you wish to be protected against risk of loss in connection with this trip.

C). Full Refund if Not Confirmed - If we can not "Confirm" your booking within a reasonable time, your payment is 100% refundable to the method of payment. If you paid by Credit Card only that Credit Card will be refunded. It may take a week to determine if your booking can be confirmed. You agree not to book any airline or other travel in connection with this trip until after we have confirmed your booking in writing.

D). No Refund Once Confirmed - Once we have "Confirmed" your booking your prior payment(s) is/are neither wholly or partially refundable for any reason whatsoever. If you have made a deposit(s) and you cancel within 30 days of the initial deposit and there is more than 120 days prior to departure, then only the amounts previously paid is/are forfeited. This means we will not seek the balance from you whether or not we can re-sell the booking. However, if you cancel with less than 120 days before departure then you are still responsible for the balance, whether or not we are able to re-sell your booking. If your booking requires payment in full, then once confirmed, no portion can be refunded for any reason.

E). Transfers Not Permitted - No confirmed or unconfirmed booking may be transferred without our express written consent that we may withhold at our sole discretion as our itinerary, logistical requirements, or qualifications for passengers may be in conflict.

F). Failure to Make Payment - If you fail to make a scheduled payment in full and on time, such failure is considered a cancellation.

G). Exchanges - If your payment is partially made by an exchange of points or in any method other than money, and you cancel for any reason and fail to complete the exchange, you will be responsible in money for the balance based upon the current retail prices for the same items.

2 - GUEST QUALIFICATIONS - Each guest must be able to physically climb steps and ladders within and onto the yacht, enter and exit the dinghy, and move about the yacht without assistance of guests or crew, and without the aid of crutches, wheelchairs or other devices. Every guest must be at least 16 years of age unless your invoice specifically states that a child is expected to be a guest. All physical or mental limitations that could reasonable be expected to affect the ability of a guest to safely participate in the itinerary must be disclosed at the time of booking. The captain may prevent admittance or eject any passenger when in the sole determination the captain feels such person is at risk of serious injury or risks the health or safety of other passengers or crew.

3 - DOCUMENTS - Each person must have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining. All divers must carry their certification cards and present them upon request. All persons must sign boat charter, boat release form, image and sound release form, SCUBA diving release form and all other additional forms or documents that may be required to enter or stay at that location.

4 - CONDUCT - You are responsible for the conduct of your guests. All persons must comply with yacht rules published on the TW website, the instructions of boat crew and the instructions of dive crew during diving related sessions. You are responsible for damages to the yacht and its equipment caused by you or your guests.

5 - SMOKING - No smoking inside of yacht. Crew will establish smoking areas.

6 - ALCOHOL - While adults may consume as much alcohol as desired on this trip, you may not consume alcohol for 8 hours before any dive and must exhibit no signs of intoxication. The dive crew will determine all conditions and limits of diving. The boat crew will determine the safety of diving on any day or at any dive site. You will comply with the decisions of the boat crew and dive crew.

7 - USE OF YACHT - No illegal drugs, animals, or persons not listed on charter are permitted to come on the boat. Only the captain can allow a person not listed on the charter to board the yacht. You may not invite people you meet on the islands to come onto the yacht or for food, snacks, lunch or dinner. You may not give away, sell or transfer any provisions from the yacht to any other person.

8 - SCUBA - You may SCUBA dive within your level of certification and experience. Buddy pairs do not need to follow the leader if: a) it is discussed in advance with dive crew; b) they have SMB and safety equipment; and c) Dive crew agrees with the dive plan. Divers without their own computers must dive the tables, no exceptions. Bring wetsuits if needed, none are available to loan. If you have not been diving in more than 1 year before the date of this trip you must take a refresher course or get a written waiver from us before boarding.

Please click terms for additional terms and rules that apply.

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