Photo Gallery - Diving St. Vincent

The island of St. Vincent is the largest and most populated island of the Caribbean island country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent is in the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles at the South Eastern end of the Caribbean island chain, West of Barbados and North of Grenada. There are no international flights into SVG, travel is through Grenada or Barbados, then by propeller plane or ferry to St. Vincent or any of four the smaller islands with airports or ferry terminals. Most of the smaller Grenadines islands are uninhabited and can only be accessed by private boat with shallow drafts. Our Saildives from Bequia, an island in the Grenadines near St. Vincent, include stop overs at several inhabited and uninhabited islands in the Grenadines. St. Vincent is a diving extension for our sailings from Bequia.

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Whitenose PipefishPistol Shrimp Close upCritter Corner dive siteGreater Soapfish
Green RazorfishWest Indian Sea EggCritter Corner Dive SiteSlippery Dick
Banded JawfishBanded Jawfish in holeLarge school of Brown ChromisRedtail Parrotfish
Sand DiverSargeant Major guarding eggsPeacock Flounder in sandCherubfish
ConeyA lot of LobstersYellowline Arrow CrabGiant Anemone
Slippery DickRock Beauty JuvenilePeacock Flounder in grassMagnificent Feather Duster Worm
Dead Sea PearlYellowhead JawfishMulti-colored Christmas Tree WormsRed Hind
Rough Box CrabSpotted ScorpionfishYellowhead jawfishClose up Scorpionfish
TobaccofishSquat Urchin ShrimpYellowhead jawfish closeupYellowhead Wrasse, Blue Chromis and assorted sponges
Redband Parrothfish Initioal PhaseWhite Spotted OctopusBasket Star opened at nightBasket Star Opened on Night Dive
Basket Star Opened on Night DiveSpotted Moray under video light on Night DiveDecorator CrabPeppermint Basslet
Seahorse in St VincentLonglure Frogfish on Stratmann Tug in BequiaChestnut Moray in St VincentTwoclaw Shrimp, St Vincent
Scarlet-striped Cleaning ShrimpPristine Wall at Orca PointGiant Barrel Sponge at Orca Point St Vincent